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Meet our staff

Our crew has been kicking up desert dust since 2006. Each year we push our commitment to improving every aspect of the company, from our skill set and equipment to our customer service and community involvement. Our motto is, “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never stop making videos.”

One of the components of our company that makes us so valuable to partner with is our wide range of services offered and our in-house equipment. We shoot with everything from HD DSLR's to state-of-the-art Red Digital Cinema Cameras and can produce almost any kind of video from streaming live events to producing commercials and indie films. 

Forrest Sandefer

Bryan has produced hundreds of hours of cable broadcast material, owned a cable TV series with 200,000 monthly viewers, and produced documentaries both in and outside the U.S. He has created marketing and training videos for products, fitness organizations, government projects, college universities and the U.S. Navy. His original piano solo album is featured on iTunes, and he has composed more than 50 commercial music compositions. His multimedia art projects are in the permanent collections at Arizona State University and Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Arts Center. 

Bryan Matuskey / Founder
Devon Benson
Jason Richter 

Behind the scenes:

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